Slow Cooker Ham Recipe – Moist and Fork Tender

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 Slow cooker ham recipe for Easter

Slow Cooker Ham Recipe, Crock Pot Ham Recipe
This slow cooker ham recipe will be the centerpiece of your holiday dinner table.

I’ll be doing a Slow Cooker Ham recipe for Easter dinner this year. This recipe has consistently produced a delicious, tender, moist, and easy focal point for Easter dinner.  It is as delicious as it is beautiful and everyone seems to have great success with it. (See all the comments below). Bill likes to eat Easter dinner about 1:30 PM  shortly after we get home from church so I time the ham so that it is done for 1 PM.  That gives me  time to get my side dishes cooked and the table set. I do a lot of my Easter dinner preparation the night before.  On Easter, it’s just a matter of putting things in the oven and on the stove top during that last hour before dinner.

There are a few things that are important to remember in cooking a ham in a slow cooker, no matter which slow cooker ham recipe you use. Be sure to follow your slow cooker ham recipe carefully.

  • Choose the right size ham for your slow cooker ham recipe.  If you are not good at judging size and have to take a small measuring tape with you to the store, do it.  It is very important with any roast to be cooked in a slow cooker that the lid be able to seat itself tightly on the lip of the crock.  I have heard of people who were unhappy with the results of a slow cooker ham recipe and usually the reason is that the ham was too large preventing the lid from fitting properly so moisture escaped. Some people try to put foil around the lid in hopes of keeping the heat and moisture in.   That isn’t a foolproof solution, and often ends in culinary disaster.
  • Buy the right type of ham for the slow cooker ham recipe you are cooking. There are many types of ham – precooked and uncooked, smoked,  dry cured and brine cured, shoulder, butts and shanks, spiral cut.  So pay attention to what the recipe calls for.  Using a recipe meant for a bone-in butt to cook a spiral ham, can leave you with a dry, overcooked mess worthy of the dog dish.
  • Pay attention to cooking time.  If your slow cooker ham recipe calls for a 7 pound ham in a 7 quart slow cooker to cook for 8 hours, and you have a 3 pound ham in your 4 quart slow cooker, you need to reduce the cooking time. As a rule, 1 hour of cooking time (on low) per pound will work well. If you are making changes to a recipe, be aware that overcooked ham will be dry and tough so you should keep an eye on the ham.
  • Be careful of your internal temperatures.  Use a meat thermometer to check your ham to be sure it is cooked. Not all hams are the same.  If you are cooking an uncooked ham, you want an internal temperature of 160F.  The internal temperature of a precooked ham should be 140F.

A slow cooker ham recipe can result in a delicious succulent dinner loaded with flavor but like anything else you have to follow the directions.  For more facts and information on ham check out the USDA website. Have a Happy Easter!

Slow Cooker Ham Recipe - Moist and Fork Tender
5.0 from 5 reviews
Recipe type: Meat
Cuisine: American
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 10
This slow cooker ham recipe will result in a fork tender ham and the liquid left in the pot can be made into a delicious sauce to be served with the meat. This recipe is meant to be prepared in a large slow cooker/ crock pot - 7 qt. or larger.
  • 6 - 7 lb. ham Bone-in Butt or Shank are my personal favorites.
  • ¾ c. gingerale
  • prepared yellow mustard
  • 1 c. brown sugar
  • 2 tsp. orange zest
  • Optional ingredients -
  • 20 whole cloves (optional) Makes for a pretty presentation, adds flavor, and smells heavenly while cooking.
  • Corn starch for thickening is making sauce from drippings.
  1. Spray inside of crock pot with non stick cooking spray.
  2. If you are going to use the cloves, score the ham in a crosshatch pattern making 1 inch squares with cuts ¼" deep. Insert whole cloves at intersecting points.
  3. Pour gingerale over ham.
  4. Coat ham with mustard.
  5. Sprinkle orange zest over ham.
  6. Sprinkle brown sugar over ham.
  7. Set slow cooker on low. Cook uncooked ham for 7- 8 hrs and then check internal temp. Cook precooked ham for 4 hrs. and check internal temp. When ham is done remove from slow cooker and place on platter tenting it with foil. Let rest while you prepare optional sauce.
  8. Sauce -
  9. Strain liquid left in slow cooker into a saucepan. Taste to see if it needs any seasoning. Most likely it won't need salt.
  10. Take 2 tbsp. of corn starch and mix with ¼ cup water to make a slurry.
  11. Over medium heat, add the cornstarch slurry to the hot liquid while stirring gently with a whisk. It should only take a minute to thicken. Don't over stir as it may break down. Serve the sauce over the ham.

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  1. Kathryn J. White says

    Hi, Your recipe sounds so wonderful. I was hopping to try this for my Christmas ham. I have a 6 qt. slow cooker, with an 8.26 lb ham. I placed the ham in without unwrapping to make sure it fits properly. It did. Now do you think I should cook on low for 8 hrs or what? And, am I leaving the top off during the total cooking process? I was going to cook with lid on. Thank you in advance………..Kathryn

    • Sheryl T says

      Definitely leave the top on or it will dry out. Slow and moist is what you want. If it’s pre cooked you might be able to do it 6-7. Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temp. You want 140F for temp

  2. Brendon says

    Happy Easter! I know it’s very last minute, and you probably won’t see this in time. But, incase you do see this, I have a quick question. I have a 7.6lb Bone-In Brown Sugar Cured Half Ham, NOT sliced. I was planning on putting it in the crock pot on low for 4-5 hours. Do you think that is enough time to be “fall of the bone” done? Thank you so much for your help and posting your recipe!!

    • Sheryl T says

      Sorry, didn’t see this till the day after, but your judgement was right if it was precooked which you didn’t mention. It will tell you if it is precooked somewhere on the label, usually in very small print.. It should have been tender after that. Our was and I did for 5 hours. It was a 6 3/4 lb. Hope you had a great Easter!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop, as one of the co-hosts I am going to feature your post tomorrow! Perfect timing for Easter and it sounds like a wonderful way to cook a ham! Hope you stop by tomorrow and share another post!
    – Nancy
    On The Home Front

  4. says

    I don’t eat meat, but I am hosting easter this year and have been hunting for an easy ham recipe for the family. This fits the bill!

    Question, the ham that we bought it about 10.5 pounds, do you think 9-10 hours in a crock pot (hoping it will fit in one!) would be enough for a ham that size?

    • Sheryl T says

      You aren’t giving the specifics of the ham other than the size, but I am assuming that you are referring to an uncooked ham. Yes, I think that that would be sufficient. I don’t know how large your crock pot is but you could trim the ham some by removing fat with a sharp knife. If you haven’t already purchased the ham, you could purchase two smaller hams, borrow a friend’s crock pot, and that would give you a shorter cooking time and still give you enough ham to serve all your guests. It would make a dramatic tablescape with two perfectly gorgeous hams and a centerpiece separating them – a true Easter feast!

  5. says

    The orange zest seems like a perfect addition to the ham!! Looks super yummy :) & just in time for Easter!!!

    Thanks for sharing this on this week’s Mom 2 Mom Link Up Party :) Hope you join us again, Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

  6. says

    This looks AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait for Easter! We usually do a traditional clove & honey glaze on our ham, but this sounds very, very tempting!!!!

  7. says

    I haven’t had ham in so long, it sounds really good! Thanks for sharing this method on the Thursday Blog Hop!! I would not have thought to use a slow cooker.

  8. says

    Forgot to add above that this ham looks so beautifully moist; it’s making me hungry! Thank you so much for sharing a recipe that I’ll be using very shortly!

    • Sheryl T says

      I don’t understand your comment so please enlighten us as to why we should eat a large meal later in the day. On a day like this we have a light breakfast around 7AMan then go to church. 3 1/2 hours elapse and by then we are both pretty hungry. After having a holiday meal like that, we only have a light supper about 6PM. I can’t fathom why that is so unhealthy but am always interested in learning new things. Please explain what a better schedule would be.

      • says

        Yes, please elaborate. Many of us eat an early breakfast and a lighter dinner with our heaviest meal during the day. Where did you get your information?

  9. Summer says

    I am anxious to make this for Thanksgiving. However, cooking is a new thing to me. I bought a ‘ready to cook’ 10lb shank. I’m trying to figure out if I follow your precooked (4 hrs) or uncooked (8-10 hrs) recipe. Eeeks. By the way, I love all your recipes!

    • Sheryl T says

      “Ready to cook”, to me, means “uncooked but ready with little prepping” so I would go for the longer cook time. Check it with a meat thermometer after 6 hours. The internal temp you are looking for is 155F.

  10. Chuck Thomas says

    First time doing a slow cooker ham. I bought half a ham – semi bnls half – half – 6.70 pounds. Are the directions the same for this as for a Butt or Shank.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Sheryl T says

      Yes, you definitely will want to cut down the time for a spiral ham. 3-4 hours on low is the longest you would want to cook it.

    • Sheryl T says

      It sounds like a lot but garlic gets very mild when it roasts. Yes, 20 whole cloves, not huge ones like elephant garlic but average size. And we are talking cloves, not bulbs.

      • says

        Well judging by the photo and complete lack of mention of “garlic”, the ingredient cloves should refer to the spice. Spice cloves are commonly stuck in hams for the baking, and have been for a long time. I’ve never heard of anyone using garlic in a preparation like this.

    • Sheryl T says

      I like the flavor of ginger ale. But any liquid is going to provide a moist cooking environment, and the pineapple flavor
      is so complimentary to ham that it should work very nicely.

  11. Em says

    I just want to confirm – you mention that there’s many different types of ham etc. Is this recipe for precooked or uncooked? And would it definitely not work for shank on the bone? Thanks, Em

    • Sheryl T says

      The recipe is for either precooked or uncooked. If you read the instructions, you will see that the difference is the time. Precooked is in the slow cooker for 4 hrs. & uncooked for 8-10 hours. And the instructions also mention that this recipe is for bone in butt or shank.

    • Sheryl T says

      The lemon will still add a citrus note to the dish and although lemon is a little more bitter than orange, the brown sugar in the recipe will tone that down so I don’t see any problem. It’s an interesting suggestion and I think that I will try it myself the next time I do a ham in the slow cooker. Hope you enjoy it!

  12. Danielle Buzzard says

    Can this recipe be done with a smoked ham roast? I have 2 in my freezer and I have no idea how to cook them!

    • Sheryl T says

      Sure can! And it will be tender and moist when you are done. And it won’t heat up your kitchen in the hot, summer weather!

  13. Livie says

    I tried this recipe yesterday, and the gravy it makes was so delicious–smokey-flavored and citrusy. I will definitely cook ham this way in the future. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Sheryl T says

      Thanks, Livie! I’m glad you enjoyed it! It is one of my most popular recipes – foolproof and easy with a spectacular outcome! It was so nice of you to let me know you enjoyed it!

  14. says

    A slow cooker recipe for Easter is perfect. That way when you come in for church it is waiting on you. Thanks for sharing at Saturday Dishes. I hope you’ll return next week when we feature Mother’s Day dishes. Pinned.

  15. says

    This looks great! I am featuring this on my link parties features tomorrow! I would love if you could add my button to your page! Thanks for sharing!

  16. says

    This sounds so delicious. I have never tried a ham in a slow cooker. I have one with the bone in the freezer. I want to try it. Hope it’s not to big for my cooker. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  17. says

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a ham so beautiful and delicious looking. Eager to try it this way. Ham is my son-in-law’s favorite so we have it often.

  18. says

    Oh this sounds great! I have never made a ham in the slow cooker, but I am definitely going to give it a try this year! It would be so nice to relax a bit more with that done and out of the way first thing in the morning! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Sheryl T says

      Try it this Easter! You won’t be disappointed! And thanks for the invite to your link party. I’ll be there.

  19. says

    What a scrumptious idea. I’m going to look for a recipe that includes sweet potatoes as that’s my fave with ham. This will be a perfect timesaver to have it cooking while we are at church and then off to watch the grandkids fun activities. Thank you.

  20. says

    You are so right about slow cooker ham ( I’ve done it before though I am going to amend this time and use some of your ideas such as the orange zest ) GINGER ALE: My grandmother always used ginger ale! I’d forgotten that ! Ok I am doing YOUR ham this Easter :)

    Slow cookers transform meat into the tenderest imaginable. I always do baby back ribs in the slow cooker…the meat falls off the bone

    • Sheryl T says

      I love the slow cooker. I have 4 of them in different sizes and use them for so many things. Enjoy your Easter dinner!


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