Slow Cooker Lumberjack Ground Beef Casserole

Slow cooker ground beef recipe

This recipe in the top 50 at for the month of September 2015!!!!!!!!!! An Old Maine Logging Camp Favorite Adapted for the Slow Cooker! This old logging camp favorite has been adapted for cooking in today's slow cooker. Here in the Northwoods, the logging camps were famous for the hearty meals that they served their work crews in the old days.  Back … [Read more...]

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies Recipe

Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Recipe

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies - The Portable Alternative! This past weekend ended up a total bust! What had been planned as a Memorial Day picnic at the lakeside turned into a cold rainy weekend in the house.  Thank goodness we have a very large front porch (10' x 30') that accommodates a large picnic table and gas grill so we could keep the menu that had been planned.  And it … [Read more...]

Friday Fences – Mount Katahdin and Salmon Stream Lake

Mount Katahdin - Baxter State Park, Maine

Maine's Majestic Mount Katahdin Majestic Mount Katahdin and the mountains of Baxter State Park, the "Forever Wild" gift of Governor Percival Baxter to the State of Maine can be viewed from this scenic turnout on I-95 North a few miles north of the Medway, Maine exit.  It's a lovely spot to picnic as the state has set up a number of picnic tables and has a nice paved parking … [Read more...]

Apple Crumble Pie

Apple Pie recipe, apple crumble pie, apple recipe, pie recipe

Apple Pie and Mom's an American thing! This Apple Crumble pie is one of my favorite Apple Pie recipes..  I love making pies and ,of course, Bill loves eating them, and apple is his favorite. To change things up from the typical two crust apple pie, I try different recipes.  This apple pie recipe for Apple Crumble Pie is from an older cookbook circa 1978 called "Better … [Read more...]