It’s a Wicked Good Wednesday here in Maine!


Time for Wicked Good Wednesday! Last week we had some  "wicked good" posts linked up.  I choose the favorites by categorizing the posts into 5 groups - Recipes, DIY, Crafts, Gardening, and Inspiration.  After I separate them into the 5 groups I take note of the "likes" and then the "click throughs" to determine the most popular post in each category for the week.  That's how I … [Read more...]

Free snowman craft pattern – A Snowman for every season!

Free Snowman Craft Pattern Image

I wanted to share this snowman craft pattern with you! January can be such a tough month to get through.  The brutally cold weather (we’ve had nights that have been down to -28F in the past week) will wear you down.  After the Christmas decorations are packed away, the house can look so drab and bare. A few years ago I started decorating after the Christmas holiday with … [Read more...]

Today’s decorating project – Hand-painted Loon Switchplate design

Handpainted Loon Switchplate

We’re redecorating our bedroom and I have decided to go with a Northwoods theme using a lot of blues and greens in the palette. I want it to be cool and soothing for summer and in the winter I can change out some accessories to warm it up a little while still going with the same basic palette. I have always felt that blue and green go with all colors.  It’s in our “DNA” to … [Read more...]