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  1. Just wondered how your site is doing. I love the layout and enjoy your stuff cabbage and stew recipes, among others! Are you going strong, since there are so many food sites out there? Any photos of your Maine household. I’m from New England with relatives in Vermont so I like seeing the Maine architecture and home styles.
    Good luck and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Thanks for stopping in! Even though there is a lot of competition on food blogs, The Wilderness Wife is doing very well. We have a good US Alexa ranking and excellent traffic. Over the past year, we have had the chance to work with wonderful sponsors like Home Depot, Sears, Green Giant, Walmart, Sam’s Club among many. The important thing in blogging is not to give up too soon. The first couple of years are the hardest so you have to be able to continue to work when you think no one is listening! Eventually you will develop an audience, and then sponsors. I am very grateful for all the wonderful readers who come here to share, and welcome you. You will see bits and pieces of our home as you read different posts.

  2. Veggie gardening can be a ltlite tricky! For tomatoes, keep the basil nearby, supposedly it helps them taste better. Basil should also be cut back every so often, so if you’ve got a big bushy plant, it’s time to lop off a bunch of it so that it can flourish. Also, Tomatoes suck up a loooooot of water. Make sure you don’t overwater either, but there’s a fine balance between starving them and drowning them. Basically, if you have a sunny, hot, day, definitely get out there. Good luck!PS- I just found your blog, and I have to say that I LOVE the title. I totally get what you mean about Life After Bagels.

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