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pet food, cat food, crafted pet food

Cat Food That’s Carefully Selected To Nourish and To Please #InspiredbyCrafted

To say that the "Cat Boys" aka Chuckles and CJ are finicky about their cat food is to greatly understate the problem!  They remind me of Mikey, the kid from the old Life Cereal commercials who didn't like anything, as they are so resistant to a change in their diet that they will turn their little black noses up at any new cat food I give them.  CJ will go as far as to starve himself for days unless I break down and give him the crappy, cheap dry cat food from the big box store.  As a "kitty … [Read More...]

how to blog, blogging basics, blog themes, blog basics

How To Blog Basics – 3

Yikes, you're a blogger! What do you do now? The next step in your "how to blog" journey is setting up the physical blog and getting it organized and functional. You have to decide on a Wordpress "theme". Themes provide the initial coding for the general structure of the blog, both its appearance and functionality.  There are lots of themes out there.  Some are free and some you have to purchase.  Unlike blogging platforms, themes, in most cases, are easy to change if you discover one you like … [Read More...]

pistachio, pistachios, green muffin, muffin recipe, easy muffin recipe

Easy Moist Pistachio Muffin Recipe

Green is Good - especially when it's a Pistachio Muffin! I love the pistachio flavor, be it in ice cream, pudding, or in the yummy results of this Pistachio Muffin Recipe.  The first time I ever had pistachio ice cream, as a kid, I thought it was maraschino cherry ice cream and they had got the color wrong.  To this day, pistachio "anything" reminds me of that wonderful ice cream sundae topping treat - the maraschino cherry! I'm always looking for something different and quick for a … [Read More...]

Hill's IdealBalance-Crafted, dog food cat food

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted provides Small Batch Cooking for Pets – #InspiredbyCrafted Foods

Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ provides Small Batch Cooking for Pets, bringing out the Gourmet in your Fur Baby Leave it to the folks at Hill's® to take pet food to a whole new level by crafting their new Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ cat food and dog food in small batches.  As the author of the Wilderness Wife Blog, I'm known for my recipes like my recent Slow Cooker Multigrain Aritisan Bread Recipe.  Well, Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ is made just the way I would make it if I had the time to … [Read More...]

slow cooker bread recipe, slow cooker multigrain bread recipe, muti-grain recipe, bread recipe, crock pot bread recipe

Slow Cooker Multigrain Artisan Bread Recipe

Slow Cooker Multi-grain Artisan Bread - A solution to hot summer  baking woes! Home baked bread is tops in the Thompson house, so that's why I use this Slow Cooker Multigrain Artisan Bread recipe to give the family one of their favorite treats when the weather is hot and I don't want to heat up the kitchen.  I'm getting ready for the summer season.  It was such a long and dreary winter this year that we are cooking out on the grill every night we can.  Too often people think of slow cookers as … [Read More...]

Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Food, Nutrish Pet Food, Rachael Ray special recipe for cats

CJ meets Rachael Ray’s #NutrishZeroGrain – Love at First Sniff!

Rachael Ray’s #NutrishZeroGrain breaks the Finicky Kitty Cycle at the Thompson house! Collectively they're known as "The Cat Boys".  A quick look at them and you would surmise that they are identical bookends. Both sleek and black with short hair, but on closer inspection you would find that these two guys have a lot of differences. CJ is 9 years older with a short stubby tail, the result of a predator attack in the fields near our home. Because of that attack he is nervous, wary and suspicious … [Read More...]

Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe, Tasty Muffin Recipe, Easy Muffin Recipe

Tasty Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe

This Tasty Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe is big on flavor with a great texture! This is my favorite Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe.  I've tried quite a few over the years and this one is a culmination of those trials.  I have taken an ingredient from here and another from there, added a couple of extra steps and came up with what I consider a superior Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe. The sour cream in this recipe adds an extra layer of flavor and richness to this recipe. I use fresh … [Read More...]

fpet flea prevention, pet tick prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention with #PetArmorPlus

 Flea, Tick, and other creepy crawly prevention with PetArmor Plus on our cats and dogs! Although the snow is still piled pretty high in our yard here in Northern Maine, flea and tick infestation is still a concern.  With two cats and two dogs, flea and tick prevention is tops on our list and if one pet in a multi-pet home like ours gets fleas, every pet is going to have them.  Our pets are important members of our family, and our two German Shepherds are part of our business, Haven Kennels.  … [Read More...]

how to blog, learn to blog, learn how to blog

How to Blog Basics – 2

How to Blog Basics -  Step 2 - Choose a Domain Name and Sign Up for a Hosting Plan The choosing and registering of a domain name is your next step. You've chosen a niche and a name for your blog so now you need to register a domain name, which will be your address on the Internet. I had chosen The Wilderness Wife for my blog name and wanting to keep my domain as short and easy to remember I chose for my domain name.  You'll have to check and see if your chosen domain name is … [Read More...]

crusty french baguette recipe, french bread recipe, baguette, baguette recipe, french baguette recipe

French Baguette Recipe

My hubby loves this Crusty French Baguette Recipe! One of Bill's favorite breads is the crusty French Baguette and he says that my recipe is one of the best he has ever had. I had never made a French Baguette until we moved here to remote northern Maine.  Bakeries were plentiful in southern New Hampshire where we grew up so I never had the need.  But here in northern Maine bakeries, and in particular ones that sell traditional ethnic breads like Baguette and Italian breads, are … [Read More...]

Olive Oil and Rosemary Artisan Bread, Artisan Bread Recipe, Homemade Bread Recipe, Herb Bread Recipe

Olive Oil and Rosemary Artisan Bread Recipe

 Incredibly tasty Olive Oil and Rosemary Artisan Bread Recipe This Olive Oil and Rosemary Artisan Bread Recipe is one of my favorite bread recipes. It's rustic profile is visually appealing and the flavor is to die for. It makes a great bread for a dinner that has a meat entree so this is what I am planning to go with my Slow Cooker Ham Recipe for Easter. Not only will it be delicious but it will add to the beauty of the Easter tablescape.  I don't know what it is about homemade rustic artisan … [Read More...]