Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for you and your Kids – 10 Great Ideas

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Looks like the Easter Bunny will be a Snowshoe Hare here in the Maine Northwoods!

ster eggs, snowshoe hare, winter, egg decorating
These little eggs are more in sync with our conditions here in the North Maine Woods. It’s hard to think spring with 4 ft. of snow on the ground.

Last week we had a huge snow storm that dumped 17″ of snow on top of the many feet that gathered through the winter.  That sure puts a damper on the annual Easter Egg Hunt as it looks like there is more coming to add to it according to the weatherman. So Easter, even though it is in mid-April will be an indoor event this year. So we will be focusing on the indoor stuff like decorating Easter Eggs and crafting an indoor Easter Egg Tree.

Thrifty Easter Egg Decorating

Easter Egg Decorating is a great family tradition to incorporate in to your holiday because It’s a fun activity for the whole family.  I never bother with buying those Easter Egg decorating kits. To me, they are a waste of money and they don’t spark the kids imagination and creativity. The Easter egg decorating ideas in this article will give your kids some hands on crafting experience.

Inexpensive Easter Egg Dye

A cheap and easy Easter egg dye is easily made with things you have on hand in the kitchen.  Mix  1/2 cup of boiling water with 1/2 teaspoon of white vinegar, add then add a few drops of food coloring to get the color you want.  You can mix some really pretty colors.

Yipes! Stripes! Easy Easter Egg Decorations

I make striped Easter eggs by wrapping some thin tape around the eggs.  Dye them one color, then take the tape of and dunk them in another color.  Another way to make cute designs is to take blue painters tape and apply it to wax paper. With scissors cut out shapes like hearts, circles, triangles, etc.  Peel the wax paper of the tape and place the blue tape shape onto the egg.  Put it in the dye for a few minutes, remove and peel away the tape shape.  You can leave as is or put it into another color dye.

Toddlers can decorate Easter Eggs,too!

The hot liquid and the chance of a spilling disaster might make egg decorating with toddlers seem like a lot of work and worry.  My solution is to pick up some Easter holiday stickers ( you can find inexpensive ones at the dollar store) when shopping.  These are especially good for toddlers and kindergarteners who don’t have the dexterity for anything to tricky, and they come out looking very pretty to give the kiddos a positive experience.

Here’s 10 more great Easter egg decorating ideas from around the web –

Kool Aid Dyed Eggs

Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating, KoolAid Easter Eggs
A rainbow of gorgeous colors….from Kool Aid!

Check out this KOOL idea from Jen Geigley at the Hey Jan Renee Blog.  Dying eggs with Kool Aid!  The kids will love this one and it is super safe!

Mosaic Easter Eggs

Modge Podge, decorated Easter Eggs, how to decorate an Easter Egg,, Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
These mosaic decorated Easter eggs are gorgeous and provide another use for that craft room essential, Modge Podge!

I found these classy and colorful Easter Eggs at Gingerbread Snowflakes blog. The eggs have a unique mosaic pattern that is created by using dyed, crushed egg shells. Another use for Modge Podge ….got to love that stuff!

Watercolor Easter Eggs


Watercolor Easter Eggs, how to decorate Easter Eggs with Watercolor
The use of watercolor pencils add a whole new creative dimension to these Easter Eggs.

These gorgeous eggs are done with watercolor pencils.  The kids could get real creative with their decorating using this technique.  These are the creative product of Alisa Burke at the Lisa Burke – Redefine Creativity Blog.

Natural Dyes Easter Eggs

how to use natyral dyes to color Easter Eggs
The warm, earthy tones of these decorated Easter Eggs are the result of using natural materials to dye them.

This one would make a great homeschooling lesson.  Over at the Big Sis Little Sis blog they show how to dye eggs with natural dyes.  If you have primitive, early American decor, these would be gorgeous nested on your table.

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs
A unique technique gives these Easter Eggs the appearance of being tie-dyed.

These eggs are trip down memory lane for this “Old Hippy” .  Over at Buns In My Oven blog, you can learn how to tie-dye eggs.  How do you tie an egg in a knot? Checkout this post – very cool!

Thread Wrapped  Easter Eggs – they’re a good thing!

Don’t these colors just scream SPRING! Thread wrapped Easter Eggs are a simple but stunning idea!

An easy idea from Martha Stewart.com, these have a home spun look, and will use up those short pieces of thread left on an almost empty spool. You could do the same thing with scraps of yarn.

Lace Easter Eggs


Lacy Easter Eggs
Delicate and elegant, these lacy Easter Eggs by Martha Stewart are easy to replicate.

Another “good thing” from Martha Stewart.com, there’s even a video where Martha Stewart shows you how to make these delicately decorated eggs.

Faux Faberge Eggs


Faberge Eggs
The perfect Easter Egg decorating project for Tween girls who love to add glitter to anything!

For this you do not need real eggs but instead Styrofoam eggs that you can find at the craft store.  Nice thing about these  is that you can keep them from year to year.  This is great project for tween girls who just love to put glitter on anything! From Spoonful.com blog

Hot Rock Eggs


Easter Tablescape
What a gorgeous plateful of spring colors! These Easter Eggs from the Full Circle blog will brighten any Easter Tablescape.

I found these at the Full Circle blog. I love the deep rich colors on these eggs. Made from melted Crayola Crayon wax, they are a project that is best left to older kids with parental supervision.

Easter Egg People

Place Crads, Free Easter Printables
Wouldn’t these make great place card holders for your Easter Tablescape!

Easy and fun for the kids to make, try this tutorial from Mr.Printables.com.  With free printables, these make adorable decorations that the whole family can enjoy.  Wouldn’t they make adorable place card holders for Easter Dinner?

Free Easter Printables, Easter Egg Printable, Easter Egg Decorating Printable
These are so darling and the kids will love assembling them.

So get out the eggs, gather the kids around,  and make decorating Easter eggs a family tradition.
Happy Easter, from The Wilderness Wife.

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