Slow Cooker Multigrain Artisan Bread Recipe

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Slow Cooker Multi-grain Artisan Bread - A solution to hot summer  baking woes! Home baked bread is tops in the Thompson house, so that's why I use this Slow Cooker Multigrain Artisan Bread recipe to give the family one of their favorite treats when the weather is hot and I don't want to heat up the kitchen.  I'm getting ready for the summer season.  It was such a long and … [Read more...]

Tasty Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe

Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe, Tasty Muffin Recipe, Easy Muffin Recipe

This Tasty Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe is big on flavor with a great texture! This is my favorite Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe.  I've tried quite a few over the years and this one is a culmination of those trials.  I have taken an ingredient from here and another from there, added a couple of extra steps and came up with what I consider a superior Orange Cranberry Muffin … [Read more...]

Cool Christmas gift for boys – a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

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  The Best Solution for a cool Christmas gift for a boy - #ItsADaisy #CollectiveBias The holiday shopping season is here! And we have three boys in the family in the age range of 8 – 12 that we would like to gift with something other than the usual electronic toys. I‘m trying to find the cool Christmas gifts for boys that will be the big hit Christmas morning. Ideally, I’d … [Read more...]

The Passing of Spirit


It's a sad time for the Thompson family....... We're all in a very glum mood and have been since Thursday afternoon when our visit to the vet's office made us face a very difficult decision.  Our dear, sweet dog Spirit, age 11+, was diagnosed with advanced sarcoma resulting in liver failure.  We knew the outcome of the visit would most likely result euthanasia, but no matter … [Read more...]

Stuffy Sinus Headache ….worse than Cabin Fever!!!!!!!!

Snow laden spruce trees near Mount Katahdin in Sherman Mills, Maine

Stuffed Sinuses...a recipe for disaster! #SUDAFEDREPLAY No, this isn't a new slow cooker recipe post (like my Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls) but for me, stuffed sinuses are a "recipe" for disaster to any plans I have.  The winters here in Maine are long and cold.  And this year has been longer, and colder, and snowier than most. I've spent a lot of time cooped up in … [Read more...]