Steak Roulades with Celery Stuffing Recipe

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Stuffed Steak Roulades - great from the oven and they freeze easily too! Stuffed Steak Roulades is a tasty recipe and it uses an economically priced cut of meat - flank steak.  But another plus factor with this recipe is that I can double it and freeze half of it for a quick meal on those days when I am really pressed for time. Back in the day when I worked full-time and … [Read more...]

Sugared Asparagus Recipe -another way to use a spring favorite!

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Sugared Asparagus - a delicious asparagus recipe from my past I'm always looking for different ways to serve asparagus and this sugared asparagus recipe  is a keeper. I found it a few years back in a folder of my mother's recipes.  It sounded so different and the prep was so easy I had to try it. Grow your own asparagus - you'll notice the difference! I love asparagus so … [Read more...]

Apple Spinach Salad

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Apple Spinach Salad is Quick and Easy and oh so nutritious! Whether its summer or winter, this Apple Spinach Salad is a tasty and nutritious, and very quick to make.  When I plan a meal, I like to include a salad side dish to add texture and freshness to the menu.  And frankly, the same old standard tossed salad gets boring so I try to mix things up by trying new salad … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Multigrain Artisan Bread Recipe

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Slow Cooker Multi-grain Artisan Bread - A solution to hot summer  baking woes! Home baked bread is tops in the Thompson house, so that's why I use this Slow Cooker Multigrain Artisan Bread recipe to give the family one of their favorite treats when the weather is hot and I don't want to heat up the kitchen.  I'm getting ready for the summer season.  It was such a long and … [Read more...]

Tasty Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe

Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe, Tasty Muffin Recipe, Easy Muffin Recipe

This Tasty Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe is big on flavor with a great texture! This is my favorite Orange Cranberry Muffin Recipe.  I've tried quite a few over the years and this one is a culmination of those trials.  I have taken an ingredient from here and another from there, added a couple of extra steps and came up with what I consider a superior Orange Cranberry Muffin … [Read more...]