Artisan Crafted Small Batch Dog Food by Hill’s® #InspiredbyCrafted – Made the Way you would!

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Dog Food & Cat Food Made the Way you would (if you had the time!) My pets are incredibly important to me.  First, the cats and the dogs are members of our family.  When they're happy, we're happy and when they hurt, we hurt.  So keeping them happy and healthy is just as important as keeping the two-legged members of the family happy and healthy.  Secondly, our dogs are … [Read more...]

Cat Food That’s Carefully Selected To Nourish and To Please #InspiredbyCrafted

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To say that the "Cat Boys" aka Chuckles and CJ are finicky about their cat food is to greatly understate the problem!  They remind me of Mikey, the kid from the old Life Cereal commercials who didn't like anything, as they are so resistant to a change in their diet that they will turn their little black noses up at any new cat food I give them.  CJ will go as far as to starve … [Read more...]

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted provides Small Batch Cooking for Pets – #InspiredbyCrafted Foods

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Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ provides Small Batch Cooking for Pets, bringing out the Gourmet in your Fur Baby Leave it to the folks at Hill's® to take pet food to a whole new level by crafting their new Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ cat food and dog food in small batches.  As the author of the Wilderness Wife Blog, I'm known for my recipes like my recent Slow Cooker Multigrain … [Read more...]

Flea and Tick Prevention with #PetArmorPlus

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 Flea, Tick, and other creepy crawly prevention with PetArmor Plus on our cats and dogs! Although the snow is still piled pretty high in our yard here in Northern Maine, flea and tick infestation is still a concern.  With two cats and two dogs, flea and tick prevention is tops on our list and if one pet in a multi-pet home like ours gets fleas, every pet is going to have … [Read more...]

#Noseblind Movie Night -The Truth Comes Out!

Keeping the house smelling good is always a challenge but Febreeze helps bring that natural outdoor goodness inside.

“This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine." Am I #Noseblind?   It's true confessions time! I hate housework....but I am also very embarrassed if someone drops by unexpectedly to visit and the house looks or smells like a mess!  I dread the … [Read more...]