Power Out – Time To Power Up with Duracell Coppertop Batteries

Duracell Inverter

    Power Out - It's just part of living in the North Maine Woods Power outages are just part of living here on the edge of the wilderness that is the North Maine Woods. We lose power quite often and the outages can last for a few days, as the majority of the power feedlines run through remote wilderness areas where the chances of a blown down tree increases … [Read more...]

Garden Planning Begins

Garden, Home Depot garden Club

Starting to Plan the Garden & Free Ebook - "Farm to Table Through the Year"     It's that time of the year, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that those of us who love to garden turn our attention to Spring and the gardening season to come. As I look at my garden blanketed in in snow it seems hard to believe that in a few weeks I will be … [Read more...]

Maine Road Trip to Washington County & the Downeast Coast


Maine Coast Bound! Last week Bill and I went for a ride to the coast. We headed out to true "Downeast" Maine - Washington County and Machias in particular. After a 2 1/2 hour drive through the country side with its quaint farms, we knew we were getting close when the road started through the Maine Blueberry Barrens.  Acres and acres of open blueberry fields, dotted with bee … [Read more...]

Hummingbird Food Recipe

Male ruby-throated hummingbird checking out hummingbird food recipe

They're back.....the hummingbirds! And they are hungry! I stepped out onto the back porch last Wednesday and I got dive bombed by a overzealous hummer! He came right at me and hovered about a foot away checking me out. I was wearing a bright red shirt and he must have thought I was a humungous flower loaded with nectar.  Sorry little birdy! I'm not that sweet.  We have had a … [Read more...]