Free Frameable Easter Printables

free frameable Easter printables, Easter Subway Art

Frameable Easter printables help get me in the mood for Easter! Today I am working on frameable Easter printables hoping they will get me in the mood for spring and Easter.  If I look out the window, thinking Spring and Easter is a stretch.  Here in the Maine Northwoods we have lots of snow on the ground and it hasn't started melting yet.  I'm talking 6 feet of snow on our … [Read more...]

Soft Moist Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookie recipe, soft moist gingerbread cookie recipe, Christmas cookie recipe

Making My Gingerbread Man a "Softy"......The search for a Soft Moist Gingerbread Cookies Recipe I love anything with ginger in it and I definitely love moist gingerbread warm from the oven with a huge dollop of whipped cream on it.  Yummmmmmmmmmm..... but I am not all that crazy about hard gingerbread cookies.  I'm a soft cookie fan and most gingerbread recipes I tried always … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Trees for your inner “Martha”

Easter Egg Trees

Easter egg trees are fun projects for the whole family, but there are times when you want to do something elegant and crafty just for yourself to satisfy your inner "Martha". Making Easter egg trees with the grand-kids was fun but I wanted some inspiration for a grown up tree so I started looking around the web and found some Easter Egg Trees that would be fun to try. To go to … [Read more...]

Free Printable Easter Subway Art

Free Easter Subway Art Printables form Making Messes

The search of the morning was for Free Printable Easter Subway Art. I love printable subway art as a way to make subtle changes to my decor for any holiday.  It's that kind of detail that really adds to your overall decorating decor. I have about a dozen different frames with mats that I have picked up here and there - dollar store, tag sales. thrift shops, and yard sales. I … [Read more...]

12 Easter Egg Trees To Make with your family!

Easter egg tree

  12 Easter Egg Trees you can make with your family! Easter egg trees are a very popular old European tradition. Mostly found in Germany and Austria, they are also found in Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland,  Moravia, and Hungary. The Spring tradition of the Egg Tree is centuries old, as the egg is the ancient symbol of life all over the world. Traditionally eggs are hung … [Read more...]