Live and Love Outloud Blog Photo Challenge

Over at the Live and Love Outloud Blog they are hosting a really fun Fall Photo Challenge this month. I stumbled across it while surfing a link party  (love ‘um – you never know what you will discover!) and I … Continue reading

Who was that Masked Man…or The Hen House Horror Show

Maintaining a backyard flock of chickens has it joys – fresh eggs, great bug control, and comic relief.  That’s the upside! But the major downside is the inevitable yearlong daily battle with predators.  “Chicken dinner” is the top menu item … Continue reading

The Chick “Coming out” Party

Momma Hen and her 9 baby Buff Orpington chicks ventured out today into their little yard.   We finally opened the “Chicken Maternity Ward” door and let Biddy and her 9 babies out in to their little private yard.  We … Continue reading

They’re Here ….. Baby Chicks

    A visit to the chicken house” maternity ward” on Father’s Day afternoon was rewarded with the sound of soft peeping.  And the drill sergeant-like clucks confirmed that our broody hen had become a proud mama.  She had spent … Continue reading

Which Came first..The Chicken or the Fresh Eggs?

There is nothing like having your own fresh eggs from your own backyard flock! Fresh eggs….nothing compares! We have our own chickens and we have them for many reasons.  Both Bill and I had small family flocks growing up. Our … Continue reading