Grammy Mouse, Maine Folk Artist

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The Folk Art of Grammy Mouse Thompson, Maine Folk Artist Who is Grammy Mouse, Maine Folk Artist? Grammy Mouse is the pseudonym that I use for my folk art painting. I am sort of semi-retired from painting and don't paint as often as I used to. There are health reasons that without going into a long detailed explanation involve my asthma, COPD, the medications for those … [Read more...]

Free Frameable Easter Printables

free frameable Easter printables, Easter Subway Art

Frameable Easter printables help get me in the mood for Easter! Today I am working on frameable Easter printables hoping they will get me in the mood for spring and Easter.  If I look out the window, thinking Spring and Easter is a stretch.  Here in the Maine Northwoods we have lots of snow on the ground and it hasn't started melting yet.  I'm talking 6 feet of snow on our … [Read more...]

Free snowman craft pattern – A Snowman for every season!

Free Snowman Craft Pattern Image

I wanted to share this snowman craft pattern with you! January can be such a tough month to get through.  The brutally cold weather (we’ve had nights that have been down to -28F in the past week) will wear you down.  After the Christmas decorations are packed away, the house can look so drab and bare. A few years ago I started decorating after the Christmas holiday with … [Read more...]

Fall is here! Scarecrow Headache………..

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Although September 21 is officially the first day of fall, most people tend to think of Labor Day weekend as the official end of summer, me included! So now I start to think of all things fall.  Time to put away the summer décor and start thinking of pumpkins, fall foliage, and colored corn.  I’m pretty traditional in decorating for this season.  I know that most people jump … [Read more...]

Today’s decorating project – Hand-painted Loon Switchplate design

Handpainted Loon Switchplate

We’re redecorating our bedroom and I have decided to go with a Northwoods theme using a lot of blues and greens in the palette. I want it to be cool and soothing for summer and in the winter I can change out some accessories to warm it up a little while still going with the same basic palette. I have always felt that blue and green go with all colors.  It’s in our “DNA” to … [Read more...]