10 Free 4th of July Subway Art Printables

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4th of July Free Subway Art Printables to liven up your Independence Day Celebration Here is a collection of 10 Free 4th of July Subway Art Printables to use to help add a little more detailing to your 4th of July décor. I love using printable Subway Art to add those subtle details to my holiday decorations no matter what the season.  Its a great use of frames that I pick up … [Read more...]

Best Grilled Chicken Marinade – Grillin’ can be thrillin’ and easy!

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Best Grilled Chicken Marinade - and its easy! It's summer and grilled chicken is something I like to a lot of because it's tasty, doesn't heat up my kitchen, and it's not beef or pork.  Don't get me wrong! I love red meat but I try to limit it because both Bill and I have health issues that dictate that we be careful of our dietary cholesterol.  I'm not  a health-nut and will … [Read more...]

The Good, The Bad, The (Somewhat) Ugly with #BayerExpertCare


The Good, The Bad, The (Somewhat) Ugly with #BayerExpertCare - A Tail of Three Cats We had been a two cat family for a long, long time, until last month. CJ and Chuckles, collectively known as "The Cat Boys" had been living together for 5 years in somewhat peaceful harmony. Then Doug brought home a severely neglected kitty. She needed the quality care that we know is so … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Dog Bathing with #BayerExpertCare

German Shepherd Dog, #ProPlanSmart

Winter Dog Bathing with #BayerExpertCare - the solution to a smelly dog! It's the holiday season! Christmas is my favorite time of year.  The house is all decorated.  The Christmas tree and the greenery give the house that wonderful Christmas Balsam smell.......... hmmm, what is that odor? I'm walking by the dog beds in the corner of the living room and things smelllll....sort … [Read more...]

AKC Eukanuba Championships This Weekend


The girls have plans this weekend. Gemma and Malibu will be watching the AKC Eukanuba Championship - the largest dog show in North America 12/12-12/13.  You can join them in the fun with live streaming  and follow @Eukanuba on Twitter for updates! #EukanubaChamps #ad http://clvr.li/1N5ap2C … [Read more...]